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Today, one of the greatest challenges for an Organization is understanding its customers. Connecting the Customer Experience provides an Organization with the ability to deliver timely, personalized, contextual communications, across the right channels, to the right people.


Knowing the customer also allows for a consistent brand and marketing experience, adding value to the customer life cycle, leading to better engagement, re-engagement and retention strategies. All of these strategies are empowered with the addition and unification of data from the digital channels.


Organizations who control their digital data have a better chance of bringing value and controlling their own future. If you are not collecting your digital data, or don't have access to it, or don't even know what to ask for, it's impossible to formulate data-driven marketing strategies to engage customers on a deeper, more personalized level.


Let the experts at DataEM strengthen your approach by joining your Digital Data, building value in your client relationship.

The DataEM Approach

Step 1.  Preliminary consultation/discovery.


Step 2.  DataEM Completes a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Audit

The Audit reviews the Purpose, Targeted Audiences, Roles-Responsibilities, Data Dependencies and Revenue Models for each of the Channels and Functions.


Digital Channels and Function include: Social, Display Ads, Video, Websites, SEO, Email, Mobile, Locational, Content Creation, Events, The Arts, Retail and New Technology.

Step 3.  Evaluate and map the data dependencies of your digital channels.

Step 4.  Discuss opportunities for client relationship growth, and create awareness to the potential liabilities in the world of changing privacy.

Step 5. Define objectives, create proposal, timeline, budget and goals to test digital data additions and unification.

Contact DataEM today to arrange your preliminary consultation to discuss feasibility, pricing and availability.

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