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Website Behavioral Intelligence and Customer Insights

  Key Features

  • Insight Reports Revenue at Risk

  • Full Session Replay

  • Mobile / Tablet Friendly

  • Session Filtering

  • Form Entry Capture

  • Multi Dimensional Heatmaps

  • In Page Click Analysis

  • Conversion Funnels

  • Detailed Form Analytics

  • Field Drop-Off

  • API and Integration

DataEM is proud to have a partnership with SessionCam. SessionCam collects and records all website activity to cloud based servers and provides real time data that models visitor behavior.


SessionCam's Insight Report  identifies "Actionable Items". This includes struggle pages, errors and key journeys to identify issues and areas where there are opportunities to improve the UX/UI. 


Capitalizing on Insights and/or correcting problems will lead to increased conversions and customer satisfaction.

Key Features Overview

Insight Reports - Revenue at Risk


The SessionCam Insight Report identifies Revenue at Risk ($) as it assembles information from:

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Error Detection

  • Struggle Detection

  • Anomaly Detection

Customer Journey Mapping is a SessionCam feature that automatically detects and compares visitor routes through a website to identify the most profitable paths to purchase.

Error Detection is a feature where SessionCam exposes the most costly website error messages. Error Detection is updated automatically each day, displaying the errors that have the most impact on the user experience.

Struggle Detection uses  a SessionCam, proprietary machine-learning algorithm automatically identifies and measures the areas of a website which cause frustration by calculating a Customer Struggle (CS) score for user behavior on each page and for each session.

Anomaly Detection is a feature SessionCam  identifies the most important issues and automatically generates a daily list of conversion opportunities.  The opportunities identified are prioritized by the total lost revenue associated with each issue. This means you can immediately focus on the most costly and important issues.

Full Session Replay

Watch recordings of customers using your website to identify usability issues, improve conversion, improve customer support and reduce the time/cost of problem diagnosis.


See mouse movements, mouse clicks, form input, page scrolling and dynamic Ajax interaction.

Mobile / Tablet Friendly

Replay recordings from mobile devices to see pinch, zoom, tap, double tap, swipe and tilt from iOS and Android devices.

Session Filtering

Sessions can be filtered by Browser Type, Device Type, Entry Page, Operating System, , Screen Resolution, Exit Page, Field Drop Off, Field Re-Entry, Field Values, Hostname, IP Address, Location, Number of Pages, Specific Page Visited, Referring URL, Session Length, Time on Page and Text Entered.

Form Entry Capture


SessionCam captures all form field entries. For example, a promotion code, a name, a customer number, search box, etc.


As mentioned above in Session Filtering, individual sessions can be identified (replayed, exported, alerted) if a specific text is entered into a form field.

Multi Dimensional



SessionCam provides a comprehensive suite of heatmap reports that aggregate and visualize user activity on your site and let you quickly identify page design and usability issues. Create mouse movement heatmaps, click heatmaps, page scrolling heatmaps and browser attention heatmaps.


Heatmaps can be generated for any recorded web page or filtered to create heatmaps for specific customer segments. For example, generate a heatmap showing behavior for iPad users. You can easily replay any session used to generate the heatmap.

SessionCam Heatmaps Include

  • Mouse Movement - this shows aggregated mouse movement across the page and is based on the mouse position data.

  • Click Activity - this shows the aggregated click activity on the page and is based on the position of the mouse at the point any mouse button was clicked.

  • Page Scrolling - this shows the aggregated page scrolling and is based on the furthest position on the page reached by a user.

  • Attention - this shows which areas of the page have been viewed the most with full consideration of the horizontal and vertical scrolling activity generated by users.

In Page Click Analysis


Inside of the heatmaps, SessionCam includes a detailed activity analysis on every link on the page.

As illustrated in the image on the left, this includes the percent of clicks for the page, how long it took to click, how long it took to hover over the link, the average amount of time the visitors cursor hovered over the link before clicking, the importance of a hover and the average amount of time hesitating.

This amount of detail is invaluable information when refining content, link placement and user experience (UX).

Conversion Funnels


SessionCam provides a comprehensive suite of conversion funnel, form analytics and field drop-off reports to help you improve the effectiveness of your website forms and reduce abandonment.

Find out which users convert and which users abandon your website conversion funnel. Filter recorded activity to compare

performance by different customer segments such as comparing mobile and non-mobile devices. Understand abandonment and drop-off between pages in your conversion funnel.

Analyse the performance of each page within your conversion funnel.

Detailed Form Analytics

Field Drop-Off


Find out which form fields suffer from the highest drop-off rate, take the longest time to be complete or need to be re-entered the most. Identify and eliminate issues that cause drop-off to reduce abandonment.


Watch users interacting with your website forms. Learn WHERE they stop typing. Learn what frustrates them.


Replay any recorded session to watch real customers struggling to complete your website forms to understand the design and usability issues that need to be fixed to improve conversion.

API and Integration


SessionCam includes an API and can be integrated with other systems. Integrating data recorded by SessionCam with other enterprise data sources creates new ways of understanding and analyzing customer behavior and experience.


Integration is easily achieved by adding a snippet of code to your web site which gathers SessionCam’s unique session identifier.


SessionCam supports a range of integration options for web analytics, online chat tools, CRM systems and feedback tools. SessionCam integrate with numerous marketing technology software, including Google Analytics.

API streams can be quickly configured to push recorded data in real-time or on a daily basis for any segment of recording activity. You can pass custom values directly into SessionCam to store alongside the recorded data. Custom values can be used to store information such as customer reference number, order number, booking number, product SKU or price. Any custom value passed into SessionCam becomes available to search and can be included within an export or API stream.

Privacy and Security



      ISO  27001       

In February 2018, SessionCam was accredited for ISO 27001 certification by the British Standards Institution (BSI). Holding an ISO 27001 certificate is considered adequate in protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) under GDPR. 


By default, SessionCam will capture all the text that a visitor sees on a webpage. Sometimes a web page may show sensitive information about the user within the generated page text.

To ensure privacy, you may:

  • Remove the SessionCam tags from that page so that it is not recorded, or

  • Place SessionCam’s Hide Tags around the sensitive text. Similarly to sensitive form fields, text in this area will then come through as stars in replay.

              SENSITIVE  DATA                  

           DATA MASKED           

All characters entered into text fields on your website are masked by default however, there are options to unmask data.

SessionCam will never record password fields as these will appear blank in any replay. In addition, fields that are detected to contain financial data, such as account numbers, sort codes and card numbers, are also masked.


You should ensure that you inform visitors that they are being recorded. It is recommended that a message is placed in your Privacy or Cookie policy.

For example, “Data collected by this service is used to improve our website usability. The information collected is stored and is used for aggregated and statistical reporting, and is not shared with anybody else.”



Is SessionCam right for you? Fill out the form below to contact DataEM today for a FREE assessment to determine if SessionCam would be of benefit to your organization.


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