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FREE Use Case Generator



The CDP Institute Use Case Generator is an online system that collects information about your use case and transforms it into a standard use case format.  Data is collected through a series of online forms.  After the forms are submitted, the system automatically creates the formatted use case and emails it to you as a Word doc. After you have completed the process, you can return later to change your answers or add more information.

This process begins with General Descriptive Information, which you should already know before starting.  It then asks you to describe which tasks (the General Purpose) that are required for your use case, starting with Data Assembly, Data Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Outbound Campaigns, Real-Time Interactions and ending with Orchestration. 

Nearly all use cases will require data assembly unless you already have a CDP in place.  Many will require more than one of the other functions, such as predictive models as input to real time personalization.  You can also indicate other and don't know as you need. 

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The Use Case Generator is hosted on Google Forms and is accessible from the link below, or directly from the form inside this page.


Note: The link above is Case Sensitive

Once you have completed your entry, you will receive an email the your use case attached.  You will also receive a notice that, “Your responses have been recorded and a Use Case is being generated for you. Save the link below to return and make modifications.” If you return to make modification and would like a revised output of your use case, you need to notify us at

Use case generator link
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