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CX CRO "Ho Ho Ho"

Customer Hijacking Christmas Story

Customer Hijacking Christmas Story

Customer Experience (CX) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) are at the forefront of all marketer's minds. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent during the holiday season to drive customers to the websites of retailers, with millions of dollars more spent to optimize their experience with the objective of getting them to buy.

Few retailers realize that up to 20% of their customer's journeys are being distracted and hijacked on the client side, by pop ups and redirects in their browsers.  This interference is never seen on the web server side as they are created by chrome extensions (for coupons and deals) and malware on the customer's devices.

This Customer Hijacking Christmas Story sheds light on this growing, billion dollar problem, and calls attention to a solutions by Site Shield ( that blocks these threats.

This Christmas Story was written by Brent Dreyer, who is the Managing Partner of DataEM, and serves as a CX CRO Advisor for Site Shield in North America. If you have any questions regarding the threat of browser hijacking that is occuring on your website, contact Brent directly at, or visit the Site Shield website at

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