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Why Digital Data?

Digital Transformation. In today’s world, digital data is what drives the connected customer experience. Digital technologies (e.g. CDP - the Customer Data Platform) have transformed the consumer's behavioral patterns, and the pulse of these new patterns is measured, and predicted, with the aggregation of digital data.  DataEM is your premier Digital Transformation Advisor.

Let DataEM help you get control of your Digital Data.


From an Agency, Brand or Organization's perspective, managing and controlling the digital data enriches them with the ability to communicate with the Right Audience, at the Right Time, with the Right Message, through the Right Channel(s).

Our Scientific Methodology

Using our proprietary approach, DataEM analyzes the convergence of data from integrated digital marketing channels. We assist Agencies, Brands and Organizations by pinpointing and aggregating rich data sources which can be consolidated to quantitatively enhance brand awareness and marketing performance.

DataEM's services include a 7,500 point digital marketing audit, consultation, data systems design, development, implementation, analytics and support. DataEM, and its Partners, will openly work in a 'white label' capacity with reputable Agencies.

Digital Markting Audit Scorecard


A short Self-Diagnosis

that explores your

digital marketing:

  • Influence

  • Insight

  • Opportunity

  • Utilization

marketing to the right people at the right time with the right message in the right channels
Our Servuces

DataEM Services

For the

New opportunities on how to transform your wealth of digital data fragments into customer intelligence that supports:

  • New Client Growth

  • Revenue Expansion

  • Client Retention

  • Privacy Awareness

For the

Engage your audiences and customers as they show an active interest in your brand. Improve your visibility to your:

  • Digital Landscape

  • Digital Data Utilization

  • Enhanced Analytics

  • Privacy Awareness

For the

Improve your incremental customer growth, up sell, cross sell, and retention with:

  • Expanded Visibility to the Customer Journey

  • Enrich Personalization

  • Increase Engagement

  • Improve Conversion

  • Privacy Awareness

Data Expansion and Unification

From DataEM's perspective, "expansion" means to add (expand) more data so that seemingly diverse behavior can be matched (unified) across marketing channels. This gives a clear view of the "big picture."

The Big Picture


Think of three incomplete puzzles each representing a marketing channel. There is enough information (data) in each puzzle to get an idea of what some of the people are doing.

By adding more data (expansion), the activities in each of the puzzles become more obvious.

digital marketing channels social website emal
digital marketing channels social website emal

From the marketing standpoint, each of the puzzles (marketing channels) offers a clearer picture of what is going on. However, the data from all of the channels needs to be unified (pulled together) in order to see the true "Big Picture."

digital marketing channels identity graph
identity graph of personal in digital channels

This is what is meant by analyzing the convergence of data from integrated digital marketing channels. DataEM and its Partners have over 25 years of experience with building systems specifically designed to capitalize on the knowledge gained from data expansion and unification.  With the onset of the Digital Era, there are simply more puzzles, and each have more pieces.


Contact DataEM today to help you secure your future and help you see the big picture.


Ready to control

Your Digital Data?

Your first step to getting control of your digital data, or your client's digital data, is to have DataEM perform an Audit of your Digital Data Landscape. An Audit employs a proprietary, scientific methodology that visually transfers decades of digital, online marketing experience into a custom view, of your opportunity and *exposure in the digital data landscape.

* Exposure includes privacy concerns such as the recently passed GDPR (see summary) and California Privacy Act.

Don't wait Until it's Too Late!
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