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SessionCam Strategic Partnership for Agencies

Website Behavioral Intelligence and Customer Insights

DataEM is proud to have a partnership and seven (7) year working relationship with SessionCam


SessionCam is a website technology that captures and records all website visitor behavior and converts it into actionable insights through the use of artificial intelligence.  Let SessionCam’s machine learning algorithms identify your clients' customer struggles and propose a resolution. A more comprehensive description of its features on our SessionCam web page.

SessionCamit has an average first year lift on ROI of 23%, with a second and third year lifts of 27% and 36%.

23| 27| 36%

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year



Why Promote SessionCam

The SessionCam - Agency partnership offers many benefits to you and your clients.


- Schedule call with questions 
- Request PowerPoint collateral 
- Schedule 30 Min Online Demonstration
- Request Partnership Agreement 

- Increases client customer Conversion

- Artificial Intelligence will make you

   progressive digital partner
- Affordable, showing client positive ROI
- Easy Install - Full Support
- 1 Month FREE Trial
- FREE Insight Report 
- Reoccurring Agency
$ Referral Fee

Is SessionCam right for your Agency?  Fill out the form below to contact DataEM for a more detailed discussion of how SessionCam would be of benefit to your organization.


To learn more about Customer Experience and Retention, visit our sister site, Customer ER.

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