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Element Definitions - CDP Periodic Table

The following definitions relate to the each of the elements in the CDP (Customer Data Platform) Periodic Table. Each of the elements in the CDP Periodic Table correspond to a typical use for a CDP. In fact, the CDP elements are actual Use Case briefs citing functionality.


The elements in the table are color coded by generalized requirements and each element is numbered, relating to the definition and benefits described below. In each of the section headers, there is a button with a link back to the CDP Periodic Table.

Extract, Unify, Expose Data


Real Time Interactions


The CDP Institute's FREE Vendor match and RFP generator on Google Forms and it is accessible at During the month of June 2020, the CDP Institute is offering 30-minutes of FREE, vendor-neutral advice from one of the Institute’s expert consultants.

DataEM is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) consultancy.  A CDP can ingest customer data from any source, create unified customer profiles (Golden Records), model behavior, and share that data with any source that needs it. Brent Dreyer is the Managing Partner at DataEM, and one of the expert CDP consultants assisting the CDP Institute with their vendor-neutral advisory services.

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